...the Stanton adventures...

...the Stanton adventures...

Just a TINY Melt-Down

Did I make the wrong decision?  Did I do something too reactively, and not give myself a chance to think about the consequences?  Absolutely.  Have I ever cared about my decision to quit my job up until this point…?  Well……No…but now I care.  Now I care that in a “hiring season”…nobody is doing that.  Nobody is hiring me.  And granted…it’s been 13 days…only 13 days…calm down, Christina… and it’s really only been 9 business days…which isn’t that bad…

HOWEVER…I know I’m supposed to calm down…but I can’t.  I am freaking out.  I am feeling completely lost and alone, and feeling like I have no direction.  I have no IDEA what the HELL I want to do with my life, and I’ve decided that today is the day.  Today is the day that I will feel sorry for myself, and here’s why.  Over the past however many days I’ve been unemployed, I have submitted 50+ job applications to more than 20 companies…and I literally have nothing to show for it.  Which means I have 0 (ZERO) offers for any companies.

So today, I’ll be taking a break from job hunting (so I don’t feel even worse about myself)….

So forgive me if I’m hammered by the time Greg gets home…it’ll be fine, right?  Who cares?  I’ll have cereal for breakfast while I’m at it, because I’m an adult, right?!?!

While I’m on the topic of “sad”?  Let’s just add here that I REALLY miss my Step-Dad…like TREMENDOUSLY.  I’m finding it hard to think about much anything else.

UPDATE (since starting to draft this post since 10am this morning)…I just got an “offer” from a company…before you get too excited and start saying congrats…it’s in the city…and that would be a whopping 4+ hours in the car….every. single. day. to commute to/from work.  That’s insane, right?

WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE? Ugh – forget it.  Where’s the wine?

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