...the Stanton adventures...

...the Stanton adventures...

I. Quit. My. Job.

Yes – you read that title correctly.  I.  QUIT.  MY.  JOB.  Four words in a sentence that you never really want to say…until you feel you need to…I have been unhappy in this INDUSTRY for quite some time.  The last company I was at, I mainly attributed it to the boss…and then to the company…but NOW?  Now it’s simply something I’m no longer passionate about.  It’s no longer something I am interested in, and for months…YEARS even, I have dreamt about choosing to quit the job I am comfortable in, and making the jump to something WAYYYYYY out of my comfort zone.  Today…I did it.  I.  QUIT.  MY.  JOB.

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So now…where do I go from here…?  Where do I go after having quit my job…?  I gotta get a new one for sure…I have to find another job…otherwise my husband (Greg) will likely lose his mind.  He’s concerned enough about money as it is, and now you add the fact that his wife is now gainfully UN-employed?  Yeah, he’s gonna snap.

But I made this decision…because I’m 30-something…I am 30-something and I have no true career path – I did NOT get put on this planet to do what I was doing…something wasn’t working, and I had to make a change…a drastic one, yes, but I had to JOLT something back to normalcy.  And quitting was the only thing I could think of to make that happen. So after having left, I’ve already applied for 20+ non-stressful/accountable jobs, and I’ve reached out to countless friends that can help.  Am I expecting anything back just yet?  Nope.  Am I OK with that?  YUP.  I am giving myself until FRIDAY to find a job (that’s TWO full days)…and if I don’t find at least a PART-TIME job…then I’m going to take a job with my Mother (she’s the best).

Until then…until Friday…I’m going to relax…recharge…and reflect…all of the “R” things…wait…maybe not ALL of them…but you get the point.

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