...the Stanton adventures...

...the Stanton adventures...

Community Yard Sale

SO!  As mentioned in this post, today was the Community Yard Sale, and we are now compete with it!!

Total amount of money made (from 8:30am to 4pm) = $80
Not bad, right?  Although…nobody purchased the pink stuffed unicorn, or the “Bombshell” pillow.  All photo albums were sold within the first 2 hours…and only some of the picture frames were sold.
Here’s a picture of our crap the night before:

And here’s a picture of Greg making some sales this morning….
Note that VERY LARGE Red Stripe chair…everyone asked “how much” for that chair…and Greg wasn’t going to budge on selling it – he really wasn’t going to sell it for less than $100.  Understandable considering he didn’t want to get rid of it to begin with.
So I guess we did pretty well all things considered.  Greg got it going by 9am, and I joined him by 9:45.  I sat with Brian (our friend up the street) and we were there until around 3:30…then it started to rain, so everything we didn’t sell, went right in our apartment.  Oh well – no worries.  Nothing got too wet, and we were pretty much done by 4pm anyway.
Time to pour myself a glass of wine and call it a day!! 🙂

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