...the Stanton adventures...

...the Stanton adventures...

HOW has it been 3 months??

Seriously…no really…HOW has it been three months since I wrote a blog post?  The last you heard from me, I was having a Tiny Melt-Down…and feeling a little down on myself not being able to get a job since quitting on January 25th.

Well….since my last post (exactly 3 months and 13 days ago)…I had a BUNCH (read: 12) more interviews…even some in NYC, which (to be honest) I didn’t even really WANT.  I just got to a point where I NEEDED a job…or something to bring in income, because, as all you “adulting” people know, the bills keep coming in…every month…regardless of what life crisis you’re going through.  And I certainly wasn’t the exception.

It was EXACTLY 91 days…from the time I walked out on my job, to the time I started a new one.  91 days of no income, and me just sitting…91 (!!!) days. And when you put it all out there, doesn’t seem that long…but it is…to a person who probably lost her mind a bit out there…from having nothing to do…

So in those 91 days…I painted, organized, crafted, cleaned, cooked a TREMENDOUS amount of food [including a “Friends-giving” in March], assembled a ridiculous amount of puzzles, we went on our honeymoon, and I (might have) lost my mind [a bit].  Luckily, I had great friends that kept me occupied!

Shout outs to Doug & Sofia for joining us on the “Friends-giving”, helping me to assemble puzzles, and cat-sitting for when we were on our Honeymoon!  Also, HUGE shout out to Tiffany for a bunch of overdue lunch(es), to Erin for inviting me to the Painted Grape and inspiring more creativity, to my AMAZING Mother for randomly chatting for 2+ hours every week or so, and last but (certainly) not least, to my hubby [who won’t read this] for just supporting me through my early-life-freak-out.

Because of Erin (thank you!!!), and her inviting me to the “Spring is in the Air” class at the Painted Grape, I created the painting at the top left…and then had the inspiration to create the other three seasons…Summer (top right), Fall (bottom left), and Winter (bottom right).

Here’s just a smattering of the food I cooked…

Top Row: “Friends-Giving”, Bruschetta, Braised Short Ribs & Creamy Polenta (for Greg’s Birthday)
Middle Row: Sweet Potato Hash & Two Eggs, Homemade Sourdough, and Homemade Pasta with Fresh Veggies!
Bottom Row: The BEST damn sweet potato side you ever did have…SO good…

And the puzzles I assembled…

SO…do you think I was busy enough in those 91 days?  Do you think I should open an Etsy shop and sell my paintings?  Do you think they would even sell???? Do you think I have “enough” to go to culinary school?  I’d love to hear your thoughts…please comment!!

Also – I love you all, and I hope you have a great weekend!!

6 thoughts on “HOW has it been 3 months??”

  • I think urnpaintings are amazing, better than I could EVER do! You did an amazing job with this blog and I have read every post. Congrats babe and I’m so excited that u are embarking on a new journey with ur career. Best of luck 😘

  • Always love reading these. In the grand scheme of things, 91 days unemployed doesn’t seem that long — until it happens to you! Right? As far as Etsy, try it. Otherwise you’ll never know. You have a great talent. Maybe paint on something that doesn’t need framing, though!

    • Very true. 91 days doesn’t seem that long (until it happens…) lol. Painting on something OTHER than a canvas is a great idea!! Maybe I’ll give it a try!!

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