...the Stanton adventures...

...the Stanton adventures...

The Hot Toddy

REAL TALK:  I have never (in my LIFE) had a Hot Toddy.  Like NEVER…not when I’m sick, not when I’m healthy…So… when my BFF (Tiffany – remember her??) texted me and asked how I was feeling, she immediately said “I believe strongly in the Hot Toddy”…to which I IMMEDIATELY asked,”What’s in a Hot Toddy?”…I know…I could have spared myself YEARS of humiliation if I had just googled it…but that’s besides the point…

My amazing, and very kind, BFF, then explains to me how to make it…what’s in it, and then I realized…I have EVERYTHING I need in my house!  How the HECK have I never done this before??  I mean, I LOVE tea and lemon and honey AND BOURBON…I mean come…on…Greg and I literally have an entire COLLECTION of Bourbon…seriously, you should see it…we might have a problem…. *cough cough*

Also, aren’t they just the most gorgeous color?  That insane shade of orange…?  It’s just B-E-A-UUUUU-TIFUL!!  ANYWAY…for those of you that don’t know how to make it, or what to do…here you go:

Christina (and Tiff’s) Hot Toddy


  • 2 (overflowing) tablespoons of Bourbon (I used Woodford Reserve…the same thing I use in my Manhattans)
  • 2 teaspoons fresh-squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 (overflowing) tablespoon of honey
  • 1 tea bag (Lipton, Tetley, Twinings, you know, whatever floats your boat)
  • Boiling Water
  • Slice of lemon (for garnish, though it’s really not needed)


  1. Heat some water on the stove…like in a teapot (if you’re fancy) or in a regular old sauce-pan.  I promise, it’ll be fine either way.
  2. While your water is heating, combine your Bourbon, Lemon Juice, and Honey in the bottom of a mug.
  3. Once your water has boiled, you’ll need to make your tea separate from the mixture you just made (so that you give your tea enough time to properly steep)…
  4. Wait until the tea steeps for a little bit, and then add that to the Bourbon mixture you made earlier.  Pout the tea into the mug, just below FULL…as you’ll need some “room” for stirring.
  5. Stir that tea…stir it REAL good so the honey dissolves, and the bourbon is mixed.
  6. ENJOY (and feel better!!)

Also…the pictures above are REALLY pretty, right?  BUT…not practical when trying to drink a Hot Toddy out of a REALLY HOT glass…so…be normal, and pour it into a mug, will ‘ya??

Also…enjoy the snowy view (and realize I have to clean those glass panes)…but in the meantime…SERIOUSLY…CHRISTINA…why have you never even tried this?!?!  **Thanks Tiff!!**

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