...the Stanton adventures...

...the Stanton adventures...

Gingerbread House?

Sorry for the delay, all – I’ve been down for the COUNT with a bug that has my head ready to EXPLODE…no fun.  You know that kind of sick where you sneeze and you feel like you’re eyes are going to come flying out of your head?  Yeah – like that.

ANYWAY…the good news…?  I’ve had three (3!!!) calls this week with various recruiters trying to get me a job…the bad news…?  I haven’t gotten any bites yet…but I’m staying positive.

This week has been fairly quiet (thank goodness).  I’ve been doing some serious self-reflecting, and thinking about what I TRULY want to do with my life – IS it being a chef and owning my own restaurant?  Or is it something I haven’t yet discovered?

And since it’s been a little quiet, Greg and I decided to something TOTALLY off-book…and we made….

A FREAKING GINGERBREAD HOUSE!!!  Who DOES that in February?  Well, to be fair, we purchased it in November, and we didn’t get a chance to assemble it…so why not, right?

So there you go – Gingerbread House in February.  Don’t judge.  ALSO….don’t judge the placement of the eyes on the Gingerbread Man and Snowman – that’s ALL Greg – and they’re EYES, to be clear.

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