...the Stanton adventures...

...the Stanton adventures...

Weekend Recap: January 28-29

So this weekend was ramping up to be quite a busy one!  Knowing how much we had to do, Greg and I woke up super early on Saturday, and I decided to make us breakfast.  Taking what I had leftover in the fridge (leftover taco meat, corn, and spinach), along with a sweet potato and red onion, I made a hash with two eggs on top.  SUPER easy to do – and you can make this with just about anything on hand!

Saturday (later afternoon), we had a little sibling get together … it was REALLY nice to have everyone together and socializing in celebration of Shorty’s fruitful life. I always like hanging out with Greg’s family, and his sisters have become my own…I love that I have sisters now. It’s very humbling to have sisters in my life now.  It really is a blessing and an amazing feeling.

Saturday night, we had a going away party for one of my close family friend’s kids. Jesse has been a part of my life for as long as he’s been alive. I was his first babysitter, and I watched him grow into the strong-willed man he is today. It’s crazy that he’s made the decision to go into the Air Force when it seems like yesterday that I watched him as a baby. Jesse, I wish you nothing by the best, and we will see you in two months!!

Sunday!! Brian’s Birthday Celebration at McSorley’s!! I have been lucky enough to have been invited to this celebration every year since Greg and I have been together. It’s 5 years strong, and it’s a blast EVERY. TIME!!

ALSO…I can now say this because it’s “Facebook-Official”…but Brian, Greg’s Best Man, is now dating Tiffany, my Maid of Honor, and we couldn’t be more happy!! They are incredibly happy together, and I wish them nothing but the best. We love you both!!

So that’s pretty much it – a SUPER eventful weekend…TODAY, however, I had two interviews with recruiters (for those of you just joining…I. Quit. My. Job.)…they both went well, and I have two more tomorrow (Tuesday).  Wish me luck! 🙂

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