...the Stanton adventures...

...the Stanton adventures...

January, February, March, April, May, and (part of) June

Yeah, I know…the worst blogger in the world.  For any of you out there that keep reading this thing (without seeing any updates), and have stuck around this long…KUDOS MAN!!  Here’s an update, and a promise to keep blogging…

January was January – full of New Years Resolutions, trying to lose weight, trying to start to blog again, and it was just plain COLD.  Which pretty much meant that I wasn’t getting to ANYTHING on my “DIY To-Do List”.  HA.  We also made a trip down to Seaside to see the devastation from Hurricane Sandy…that b*tch.

February and the rest of the months are continued below…just click the little link to go to the rest of the post 🙂

February included going to Florida for Greg’s 30th – with Bob & Mel – had a fantastic time.  And I wanted to blog about that trip (I promise I did!), but I didn’t…cuz I’m awful.  We also had our fair share of crazy snowstorms…New Jersey wouldn’t be New Jersey without them…OH, and Bob’s Brewery – Bolero Snort Brewery had it’s Launch Party at Barcade!!!

March was my birthday month – didn’t go anywhere, but had a blast anyway!  Bolero’s Launch party continued that whole week, and ended at The Copper Mine Pub!!  My birthday included an awesome rose bouquet (along with a ridiculously large balloon)…I took the day off and we went to the Liberty Science Center (don’t judge – we’re both kids at heart).  When we got home from the LSC excursion, there was an edible arrangement waiting for me – from my BFF Tiffany!  That night, was also Pot-Luck at the Copper Mine Pub…we brought a cake (for myself – don’t judge)…but I got to blow out candles with my friends.  I also started a new job – and because of that, they sent me an edible arrangement (what are the chances of getting two in one month?!?).  So much love from this company already (LOVE IT!).  Then there was the Heineken Star Bottle Launch Party at 46 Lounge and our shipment of a ridiculous amount of beer from The Bruery.  No month would be complete without some hiking, or spending the last day of the month at the DMV (because I forgot about my license expiring)….
April was also full of events…Bob’s birthday celebration at Valbella Midtown…followed by helping Bolero Snort build boxes for distribution…Russy’s 3rd birthday…included a trip to Chicago for business…random visits to Copper Mine…random Mr. Meowgi pictures…and some more hiking (with Bob & Mel this time)….
May had…some more trips to Copper Mine…a business trip to Destin, FL…a Cinco de Mayo party at Greg’s Mother’s house…an impromptu brewery tour (Crossroads and Newburgh)…Margaritas and drunken craziness with Bob & Mel at el Bandido…my nephew’s 1st birthday party…another brewery tour with Bob & Mel (Tired Hands and Manayunk Brewery)…got my wisdom teeth pulled and started reading Dan Brown’s new book, Inferno…then there was this RIDICULOUS bottle share at Alan and Connie’s…a Yankees/Mets game with Greg, Mark, and Ray…all while Greg starts’ his APA league.  No month would be complete without a picture of Mr. Meowgi 🙂
Now it’s June (half-way through)…and we’ve had a romantic dinner at Paisano’s, and another Brewery tour with Bob & Mel (Newburgh Brewery)…again, no month is complete without a Mr. Meowgi picture 🙂
So here’s to starting June (and the summer) with blogging again.  I have things on my mind that need to get OUT, and this blog helps me do that.
Comments are welcome – and if you want to hear more about me…comment and let me know what you want to hear ABOUT!! 🙂

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