...the Stanton adventures...

...the Stanton adventures...

Railway Hiking and Treasure!!

This weekend (Saturday), Greg and I woke up early (8am), and went for a walk.  It was originally just up to the bagel store, and then back home, but we decided to take a detour once we were done with breakfast.  We’ve hiked this route before, and decided that it should be a Saturday morning ritual.

Making our way down to the abandoned railroad tracks, it was a beautiful blue sky fall day.  The fall colors were in full force, and it was a great scenic walk.  We get towards the half-way mark, and I finally decide to take pictures of the large storage building that is “doomed for demo” – one day…it’s had “Demo Stage 2” spray painted on it for 2+ years, and it’s had a fence around it for just as long (if not longer).  In my humble opinion (if someone had some money), it would make a great renovated apartment building.  I just wish I could get around that fence to check out the inside…maybe next hike I can convince Greg to help me find an opening!!!

If anyone can read the really really really weathered words on the side of this building, we would appreciate it – we can’t really read it.

We’ve been trying to find out the writing on that brick wall for about a year now…and all we can get is “STANDARD xx, Bleaching Dxxx, Cotton xxx”.  HELP!!!!

So ANYWAY…this was probably one of the coolest things we came across on our little hike…the manual switch for the train tracks…

And you know, because I couldn’t resist, I wanted Greg to switch them…so he took his manly strength 😉 and switched them 🙂

It’s funny- because the last time we were there, you could barely move this switch…because of all the debris leftover from Hurricane Sandy…NOW…it’s easy (well, it’s easy for Greg).  Not so much easy for me…I can barely move it because of the fact it’s made out on insanely heavy steel.  Like INSANELY heavy steel.

I’m still in awe that it works…I think the year on it was 1973…and this railway hasn’t been used on YEARS….the fact that this switch (one of 4 we found) still is operational absolutely blows my mind…the other 3 were completely rotted off the railroad ties, and was still attached, but was IN NO WAY operational.

So while we were on our hike, we couldn’t help but look for railroad spikes and screws…and we found them…some were just lying next to the tracks…and others just took some kicking (no joke, they popped right out).  CRAZY…but now the question becomes…what to DO with them??  They are crazy rusty…and they smell…ugh…

So now I formally pose the question…What should I do with these 6 spikes and two screws?  Any ideas from my followers (all 7 of you)?  LOL

Have a great week everyone!!

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