...the Stanton adventures...

...the Stanton adventures...

Fall Pinterest Challenge 2012 – Idea Brainstorming…

Let’s start this post buy saying that I follow Bower Power and Young House Love.  They are two of my favorite blogs that I love to get new ideas from, and both blogs gave me the courage to start my own.

Young House Love and Bower Power do a Pinterest Challenge every now and then, with two other bloggers.  This year, I am going to participate in said “Pinterest Challenge”…and get my rear in gear!!!  And yes, I will be linking back up to BOTH pages to show my goodies (that sounded wrong…)…goodies as in DIY goodness!!!  ANYWAY…they explain all the rules, etc on YoungHouseLove’s Pinterest Challenge Post, and Bower Power’s Pinterest Challenge Post.  Feel free to jump on in!!!  If not, then feel free to head back over to my blog to see what I’ve come up with…and then over to YHL’s page and Bower Power’s page to see what other things we can pin!!!

So, armed with the task of the Fall Pinterest Challenge, I mosey on over to my Pinterest DIY To-Do List Board…and look for some pinterest-ing inspiration…HAHAHA.

String/Twine hearts…Left Picture, Middle Picture, and then Right Picture (although mine would be from Jersey)…

Or maybe I should get on the fact that I haven’t started making my Christmas Gifts yet….

And go with some Homemade Vanilla Extract…or perhaps some Gardener’s Hand Scrub

DIY Dinnerware from Brooklyn Limestone…to go with my newly “facelifted” kitchen???  Obviously not in the “Raven” Theme she had…but something that would match my kitchen???

Then there’s always creating a cute little frame with the key from your first home together…I always thought I could put a street map behind it of where we lived…and maybe we don’t have to be sooooo formal about the key…how about spray painting it red???  Ohhhhh, that sounds SEXY AND I KNOW IT *insert fist pump here*.  Yes, now you have LMFAO stuck in your head.  SUCCESS!…and SPEAKING of Jersey…there’s actually a similar idea I pinned a while back from Young House Love, and didn’t even know it!!!

Now what about art?  We don’t have very many hand-made items in our apartment…and could use some personalization…so what about Bower Power’s Knife Art?  or maybe some Young House Love Paint Chip Art?  or a Soda Bottle Tree?  perhaps some Leaf Wall Art?

Oh man!!!  So much to choose from!!!  Interested in your thoughts though…what should I make as my Fall Pinterest Challenge???

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