...the Stanton adventures...

...the Stanton adventures...

Camping Weekend at Mohonk Mountain Reserve

Greg and I spent the weekend with a whole bunch of our friends up at Mohonk Mountain Reserve.  It was a camping trip that was auctioned off for the Reserve’s benefit (they’re a non-profit organization, so they could really use the help).  We left at 8am on Saturday morning, and started to head up to the reservation…we wanted to get an early morning/afternoon hike in before we would be able to set up camp.

The weather was absolutely beautiful – not a cloud in the sky, and it was a great fall day.  We hiked for what seemed like forever (my muscles are still killing me)…but here are some hiking highlights….
The top left was the view we saw…Skytop to the right of that.  To the right of Skytop, a deer we say just feet up the trail.  On the top right, is this old house (that had a fireplace on the second floor)…Next up were the BEAUTIFUL colors throughout the entire Reserve (loved that tree in complete yellow, surrounded by nothing but green).  Then there was a completely BARE tree, alone in a field…below that is a trail we went down – just beautiful the way the sun made the trail almost glow.  Then in the bottom left is our tiny tent, and the Duck Pond nearby 🙂

And here are some highlights of the signs we saw…yes I took a picture of the Toilet Paper holder from the outhouse – Mom & Mark – remember the coffee can upstate??
That night, once we got all settled into camp, we ate dinner (which was fabulous), and then began to start a campfire, and drink some delicious beer (shocking).
Here are some fire highlights (gotta love the Greg stance with the headlamp…lol
Here are all of the beers we drank…woah….
The next morning, we all woke up and had breakfast…Apple Fritter French Toast, Eggs, Bacon, Coffee, Juice, YUM!!!  Alan put out the fire, and on our way out, Greg and I had a little run-in with a Moo-Cow 🙂

When Greg and I got home, we stopped at the grocery store, to get some things we might need just for Sunday and Monday, and then unpacked, relaxed, and realized that the Space Jump was actually happening!!  So, I made myself a fantastic Bloody Mary, and we watched the Space Jump!! 🙂  SO FREAKIN’ COOL!!!  Yes, I took pictures of the TV…don’t judge me. 😛

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  Now to enjoy the company of Greg and Mr. Meowgi – just relaxing on the couch, watching some TV.  I think Mr. Meowgi might be as exhausted as we are!!! LOL

2 thoughts on “Camping Weekend at Mohonk Mountain Reserve”

  • Isn't it so pretty in Mohank? Sounds like you had a great time. And, "yes", I do remember the coffee can TP holder. Guess it wasn't such a bad idea.

    Sorry I missed the space jump today. Totally forgot.

  • It was fantastic – we did have a great time – and I took so many pictures!! Only problem with our TP holder at Mohonk was that it was metal…so it was a little rusty on the outside…I remember using a plastic one upstate, right?

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