...the Stanton adventures...

...the Stanton adventures...

How Booze Built America

After sending out my blog link to people I thought needed to see it (or wanted to, either way)…I get sent emails…lots of them…that included comments like:

  1. “Greg actually has that as his job?”
  2. “Where does he work?”
  3. “I can’t wait to read more!”
  4. “Shouldn’t Jeepers have been named after Jeepers Creepers?  Actually…it’s the other way around right?”
  5. “Did you watch this last night?”

Now – that last one really interested me…so naturally, I clicked on it, and proceeded to laugh my ass off.  As a side note (and disclaimer) I do not work for the Discovery Channel, but, I LOVE Mike Rowe (and he’s one of the famous people on my list that I want to drink a beer with ANYWAY), and I think that he is hiliarious…so I’m just trying to share in the hilarity!  It should also be noted, that I sent this to Greg as well, and he also chuckled (but definitely not as loud as me – I’m kindof a guffaw-er).

Here are some of my favorites from the video “The Drinker’s Dictionary”:

  • Drunk as a Wheel-Barrow (they can be drunk?)
  • Has drank more than he has Bled (LOL)
  • He sees the Bears (as opposed to the Lions?)
  • Half-way to Concord (ok…?)
  • He’s been too free with the Creature (LMFAO!!)
  • He is in a Dark Day with himself (so…depressed then?)
  • He’s Prince Eugene (who? LOL)
  • He has made an Example (of what NOT to do?)
  • He owes no man a Farthing (a what?  farting?  Mark, I’m talking to YOU)
  • Been to France (so they drink/get drunk there?)
  • Been to a Funeral (now THAT I can understand…I think)
  • His Flag is out (WHAT??  LMFAO)
  • Knows not the way Home (Yes – that’s happened)
  • He is Intoxicated (Now that’s a normal one – Ben Franklin – you lasted 222 years past the time you died!!)
  • Seen the French King (what is it with France??)
  • He’s eaten the cocoa Nut (what does chocolate have to do with this??)
  • Been too free with Sir Richard (ummm….who?)
  • He’s burnt his Shoulder (what does burning your should have to do with ANYTHING??)
  • Been too free with Sir John Strawberry (who are these “Sirs” and why is this drunk person being free with them??)

This was a great video (and the others are equally great)…so I’m going to *say this in the TV Announcer voice* “tune in next Wednesday at 10pmEST on Discovery Channel to see the 2nd part in the three part series of How Booze Built America”.


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