...the Stanton adventures...

...the Stanton adventures...

First Post of the First Blog of My LIFE

Well hello there.  This is a blog…and I’m writing one…wait, what?  Christina is writing a BLOG?  WHY?  Well…I’ll tell you why…because I have thoughts…interesting thoughts…and I feel like I should get them out of my friggin’ head…and maybe give some readers some fun entertainment.

I’ll start with myself…I’m Christina…currently a Virtual Meetings Project Manager (fancy title, but no salary to back it up)…for a company that shall remain Anonymous.  I’m 26 years old, with 10 tattoos, and I’ve never really finished anything in my entire life.  With the exception of my job (because I get paid to do that), I leave things un-done all over the place.  I am writing a blog because I want to start to keep track of everything I “don’t” finish, and yell at myself on a weekly basis.  FUN.

Greg, the amazing boyfriend, is currently a Beer Specialist (fancy title, again, no salary to back it up)…for a company that will also remain Anonymous.  He is 29 (turning 30 in February!!), with many tattoos (larger than mine of course), and he knows a lot about a lot of things…something I argue with him about all the friggin’ time…..(I’m sure I’ll write about it eventually).  He is amazing, and keeps me grounded.  He is the love of my life, and I would do anything for him.

Mr. Meowgi is our insane kitten.  Literally INSANE.  He is just around 6 months old, and he has now figured out how to scale the windows, and jump through the blinds (kind of like Spider-Kitty, if you can imagine).  I’ve never had a kitten before…the first cat I ever had was with my Mother (after the divorce), and it was an older FEMALE cat…so this whole “kitten” thing is a trip. On a side note… I’m sure you’re wondering where the name Mr. Meowgi came from…think The Karate Kid…no, not the one with Will Smith’s kid (that was a stupid remake)….think Karate Kid circa 1984 (with Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita)…yeah, well think Daniel Larusso…that’s SUPER SIMILAR to my name, and we thought Mr. Meowgi FIT.  🙂
On another side note… Greg just thought it was a cool name, but I was trying to stick to the tradition of keeping all animals that I’ve had in the Movie-Category range…

  • 1st – Cat – Jeepers (doesn’t count – My Mother beat me to the punch because I wasn’t old enough to name her, and if I was, I’d probably have named her Midnight – she was black)
  • 2nd – Dog – Forrest Gump (duh)
  • 3rd – Dog – Vincent LaGuardia Gambini (if you can’t figure that out – GET OUT… jkjk …ALL-TIME favorite movie…My Cousin Vinny)
  • 4th – Cat – Mr. Meowgi (explained above)…

SO…back to this random thing called a blog.  It literally is named The “I Can’t Decide” Blog because I literally can’t decide what to talk about….I have no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life, or what I want to talk about on a daily basis (beer, wine, food, DIY projects, cats, boyfriend, family drama, fashion, hair, nails, Pinterest, etc).  So this blog will be the everything blog.  DEAL WITH IT. 😛

Christina (just getting started)…

any tips…just comment below!

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