The Hot Toddy

REAL TALK:  I have never (in my LIFE) had a Hot Toddy.  Like NEVER…not when I’m sick, not when I’m healthy…So… when my BFF (Tiffany – remember her??) texted me and asked how I was feeling, she immediately said “I believe strongly in the Hot Toddy”…to which I IMMEDIATELY asked,”What’s in a Hot Toddy?”…I know…I could have spared Continue reading

Gingerbread House?

Sorry for the delay, all – I’ve been down for the COUNT with a bug that has my head ready to EXPLODE…no fun.  You know that kind of sick where you sneeze and you feel like you’re eyes are going to come flying out of your head?  Yeah – like that.

ANYWAY…the good news…?  I’ve had three (3!!!) calls this week with various recruiters trying to get me a job…the bad news…?  I haven’t gotten any bites yet…but I’m staying positive.

This week has been fairly quiet (thank goodness).  I’ve been doing some serious self-reflecting, and thinking about what I TRULY want to do with my life – IS it being a chef and owning my own restaurant?  Or is it something I haven’t yet discovered?

And since it’s been a little quiet, Greg and I decided to something TOTALLY off-book…and we made…. Continue reading

Weekend Recap: January 28-29

So this weekend was ramping up to be quite a busy one!  Knowing how much we had to do, Greg and I woke up super early on Saturday, and I decided to make us breakfast.  Taking what I had leftover in the fridge (leftover taco meat, corn, and spinach), along with a sweet potato and red onion, I made a hash with two eggs on top.  SUPER easy to do – and you can make this with just about anything on hand!

Saturday (later afternoon), we had a little sibling get together … it was REALLY nice to have everyone together and socializing in Continue reading

Job Search, Bread & Butter … and PUZZLES!

Day Two of FREEDOM from “the industry”.  I feel like I should create a #hashtag for my life as an unemployed woman…right?  Feel free to comment and let me know what hashtag I should use for these…it’ll get interesting…promise!

SO…today…I applied for 25 jobs (!!!) all OUTSIDE of my previously comfortable industry.  All jobs, ranging in salary from “crap” to “a tad more than crap”.  We’ll see what bites.  ALSO…I know on Wednesday (when I quit my job), I gave myself until Friday to find a job, but I figured that’s ridiculous.  That’s less than 48 hours to find another job…which I could definitely do, but I don’t WANT to do that…I don’t WANT to place an unrealistic timeline on my new job.  SO…I am giving myself to NEXT Friday to determine where I’m working.

In addition to applying for ALL.  THOSE.  JOBS… today…I baked bread (!!!) – recipe thanks to Girl vs Dough and to Melanie for bringing it to my attention.  YOU.  GUYS…I PROMISE you that you can do this…even if you don’t bake…iiiiii certainly don’t bake…and (somehow) I made this…

This BEAUTIFUL loaf bowl ball(?) of bread…crunchy on the outside…soft and doughy on the inside…and PERFECTLY melts butter and it’s gets in all.  the.  crevices…ohmyGOD you guys…make this bread…thank me later… you’re welcome 😛
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Life Is Too Short(y)

One full day of no job is now complete.  Today, I did all my laundry, cleaned the house, made breakfast and lunch ALL BEFORE NOON…Oh how PROUD Mark would be of me…he always said that if you sleep the morning away, you’ve wasted the day…DAMN I’m good.

Then the afternoon consisted of binge-watching This Is Us, and making dinner for the hubby.   Because I figured it was OK to relax for at least a half-day…right?  Now, I’m only one episode away of finishing the first season…pretty productive day!

Another thing that happened today…?  We lost someone very special to Greg’s (and my NEW) family.  Greg’s Grandmother (aka “Shorty”) passed away today after a long battle with Alzheimer’s.  She used to live on Cape Cod with her husband, “Buppa”…and they both moved into an assisted living facility in Michigan last summer, and be a bit closer to the other members of the family.

The picture above is from Buppa’s 100th Birthday Celebration.  Held on Cape Cod in February 2016, we were lucky enough to see them both one last time before they moved out to Michigan, and I’m thankful that Greg had that opportunity (like the rest of the family) to see them both.

I know this post is Short(y)….and SWEET…but it’s oh-so-poetic to the kind of woman she was.  AND if my decision Continue reading

I. Quit. My. Job.

Yes – you read that title correctly.  I.  QUIT.  MY.  JOB.  Four words in a sentence that you never really want to say…until you feel you need to…I have been unhappy in this INDUSTRY for quite some time.  The last company I was at, I mainly attributed it to the boss…and then to the company…but NOW?  Now it’s simply something I’m no longer passionate about.  It’s no longer something I am interested in, and for months…YEARS even, I have dreamt about choosing to quit the job I am comfortable in, and making the jump to something WAYYYYYY out of my comfort zone.  Today…I did it.  I.  QUIT.  MY.  JOB.

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So now…where do I go from here…?  Where do I go after having quit my job…?  I gotta get a new one for sure…I have to find another job…otherwise my husband (Greg) will likely lose his mind.  He’s concerned enough about money as it is, and now you add the fact that his wife is now gainfully UN-employed?  Yeah, he’s gonna snap.

But I made this decision…because I’m 30-something…I am 30-something and I have no true career path – I did NOT get put on this planet to do what I was doing…something wasn’t working, and I had to make a change…a drastic one, yes, but I had to JOLT something back to normalcy.  And quitting was the only thing I could think of to make that happen.  Continue reading

Hello Again & Re-Branding!!!

WOW…It’s been almost a year since I’ve been on this website…or blogged about anything…That might be a bit of a problem…considering I have a BUNCH to write about.

First things first…cute cat photo…

Image from Pinterest (link here)

Now…let’s get down to business…I’m re-branding my website, and transferring to WordPress.

My new site will be, so stay tuned!!

Day 30 – Cheese Tortellini Bolognese

Oh man… I made it to Day 30?!?  I can’t believe it.  I didn’t think I was going to make it to the 5th day of this 31 Day Challenge.  In-SANE.

Tonight’s challenge (because, let’s face it, I’m running out of ideas), was to make a dinner under $10.  Also, because pay day is TOMORROW, and we’re kind of broke.  ANYWAY.  Greg went to the store, and picked out the ingredients, and we had a pretty basic dinner tonight.  I am SO not complaining.

BTW – the word “bolognese” just makes it sound fancy – and NOT like a $10 dinner, am I right? (LOL)

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