Hello Again & Re-Branding!!!

WOW…It’s been almost a year since I’ve been on this website…or blogged about anything…That might be a bit of a problem…considering I have a BUNCH to write about.

First things first…cute cat photo…

Image from Pinterest (link here)

Now…let’s get down to business…I’m re-branding my website, and transferring to WordPress.

My new site will be www.loveinautumn.com, so stay tuned!!

Day 30 – Cheese Tortellini Bolognese

Oh man‚Ķ I made it to Day 30?!? ¬†I can’t believe it. ¬†I didn’t think I was going to make it to the 5th day of this 31 Day Challenge. ¬†In-SANE.

Tonight’s challenge (because, let’s face it, I’m running out of ideas), was to make a dinner under $10. ¬†Also, because pay day is TOMORROW, and we’re kind of broke. ¬†ANYWAY. ¬†Greg went to the store, and picked out the ingredients, and we had a pretty basic dinner tonight. ¬†I am SO not complaining.

BTW – the word “bolognese” just makes it sound fancy – and NOT¬†like a $10 dinner, am I right? (LOL)

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Day 28 – Grandma Sylvia’s Baked Macaroni

So my Grandma Sylvia (my father’s side) was an amazing woman. ¬†Best recipes ever, and had a sense of humor a mile long. ¬†I will NEVER forget this recipe. ¬†I’m pretty sure it’s ingrained in my memory forever.

If you’re feeling cold, or want some hearty food, but no meat, then eat this. ¬†This is not for the people watching their cholesterol either – this recipe has an entire stick of butter in it. ¬†Yes – an entire stick. ¬†Salted. ¬†Butter. ¬†ONE STICK. ¬†Deal with it – it’s delicious.

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Day 26 – Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

SUNDAY… October 26 РGreg and I had these pumpkins…so naturally, I wanted the seeds…because…ROASTED…PUMPKIN…SEEDS.  Heck.  Yes.

I wish I had a photo of me trying to pull all the seeds out of the insides of those pumpkins. ¬†I’m pretty sure two VERY LARGE pumpkins took me close to two hours‚Ķsitting on the floor of our living room, with two trays in front of me‚Ķseparating out the seeds from the guts. ¬†Don’t feel too bad for me – we were binge-watching Breaking Bad‚ĶSeason 1 is done (finally). ¬†Don’t judge – we’re behind. ¬†LOL.

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Day 24 – Roasted Garlic

I’m just going to start Day 24 with a confession. ¬†I LOVE garlic. ¬†To the point of exaggeration. ¬†No joke. ¬†If a recipe calls for 3 cloves, I use 8. ¬†1 bulb? ¬†3. ¬†Not kidding. ¬†And even then, I’m all like‚ĶNOT. ¬†ENOUGH. ¬†GARLIC.

So‚Ķhow to remedy this? ¬†Make Roasted Garlic. ¬†Yes – and eat it right out of the friggin’ bulb (or on toast)‚Ķhowever you like it. ¬†But me? ¬†I take after my father (yes, the one that gave me life), and eat it¬†straight out of the bulb. ¬†With a tiny fork. ¬†I’m pretty sure Greg thinks I’m nuts‚Ķbut I mean LOOK at this.

Who wouldn’t want to just eat this?
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Day 23 – Chicken Parm Pizza

Ok – don’t judge‚ĶI’m almost 10 days behind on this 31 Day Challenge. ¬†Like I said in this post – it’s not that I’ve forgotten! ¬†I’ve been a good blogger! ¬†I’ve taken pictures of my food, and actually MADE food – I promise! ¬†Ask Greg!!

ANYWAY‚Ķlet’s get down to brass tacks blogging about cooking.

This‚Ķhas got to be the BEST¬†pizza I’ve ever made – and yes – I cheated – I used pre-made pizza dough‚Ķbut the toppings, and what we DID to it‚Ķdefinitely worth the cheat on the dough part.

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Day 22 – Mocha Sorbet

Oh HEY there Day 22 – I haven’t forgotten about you. ¬†You, Mr. Mocha Sorbet of Day 22 was absolutely delicious. ¬†So much that, by day 30, it’s all gone. ¬†Let’s be¬†real‚Ķby day 25, you were gone. ¬†No joke. ¬†This delicious recipe barely lasted 3 days in my chocolate-craving house.

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